Friday, 11 March 2016

Education in metros today

The education in metros of India has been in a state of innovative changes for many years. The expectations from the system of education and learning methodology have to come up to modern levels. Chennai has been the best city in education system with best quality of classrooms and expenditure on education. Another emergent city for education is Madurai.
The learning and teaching methods could use better equipped technologies which is a point to agreement while it is not so clear when the education system reforms are broken into the sub parts. For one language learning could happen from new schools, and that schools running time should be at least 8 hours. Some believe that metro cities education system timing for institutions must be from 7 am to 7 pm. This way the need for homework and tuition would be done away with. Bio metric attendance system with CCTV camera can bring more accountability to job of educationist. Sanskrit could be made necessary in educational schools and colleges. In co education system there could be problems with 12 hour school, so there is scope for improvement here. The training and learning methodologies could be improved from teachers as they prepare themselves to this sector. Entrance exams could be made compulsory for inducting of teachers as well as for appointments.
The college and school degree system needs better technologies like smart boards and real time developments in learning with teachers. So the onus of the progress of educational standards for best quality as smart education would look treble from better job opportunities and salaries. This is a progressive way to handle the new entrance to the often overlooked educational system. The sector has difficult operational aspects to clarify which cannot but suggest attracting well paying teaching institutes. Under the lens of quality and overdoing quantity of institutes the educational system lags behind the preparedness for forthcoming job skills and employer-employee relations. Sometimes the individual forgets the subjective costs of planned education system provision for students. More than ever the brain drain and subsequent losses at global level of young talent also need to be factored from the emerging chaos behind the capable eyes of the CAG. Over the past few decades the government started on smart education the initiatives are laudable but mostly on paper, the concrete results from landscape of education hierarchy cries for better system, guidance, prolonged support and proper counseling centers.

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