Friday, 1 April 2016

Smart Education:

Problem Statement

Imparting education, the noblest of deeds, has galvanized into the unforgiving Education Industry with the coming of the modern era. Over the last couple of decades the rise in population coupled with the subsequent rise in competition has made quality education a more complicated proposition for aspiring students and parents to find.

Today, the money hungry Education Industry fueled by devious advertisements layered with coats of gloss and glam, threatens the integrity of the noble trade. Parents are finding it further more difficult to find for their kids a school which they genuinely believe in.

Malpractices and misleading promotional campaigns have taken root in the schooling system of our country and what meets the eye of the aspiring parents and students is far from being a transparent and clear picture.

Corruption has only worsened the situation. Money is extorted in the name of donations and hefty fee structures bog down ambitious parents that aspire to provide for their children a good and proper education and a great professional career.

Schools show themselves for something they are not and what meets the eye, is poles apart from the real situation inside the day-to-day of the school in both its admission process and regular functioning. This is the transparency that our country needs.

Barring a few educational bodies, very few can make a claim at transparency today. And searching for the right school for your kid can be a very difficult task. Confusion is a common symptom among aspiring parents, at the time of admissions.

Word of mouth and advertisements are generally the sole parameters that help make the prospective parents a decision as to which schools and where do they want to apply for admissions for their child in their budget bracket. This can be a severely cumbersome and painful task with the possibility of missing out on important aspects and details.

This also hampers the chances of one finding the optimum school that fits not just their wallets and locational preferences. It also significantly reduces the chances of stumbling upon schools that are not big names but have implemented some modern new age ideas to the field of education and can potentially turn out to be the perfect choice for your kid to develop and stand apart in the crowd.

The governance also finds it’s difficult to completely understand and analyze and thus attempt to improve the system as lots of issues never really meet their eyes.

To sum it up, the education scene is being run on an inefficient and an obsolete error prone search mechanism which is not only hampering the chances of potential candidates but is also downgrading the overall quality of the education imparted.

A smarter solution is the need of the hour, a solution that could help provide a conducive environment for all parties involved to interact and analyze and hence improve.


Edways, A platform, a solution that can change the whole dynamism of how we search, analyze and in fact, view the whole education system. Edways is a platform to discuss schools, discuss education, discuss the realities and facts, and to share it with the world.

The platform finds its inspiration in the girth of a platform to discuss education. Social platforms discuss myriad topics and education predominantly gets left behind. Here is a dedicated platform where we can profile, analyze, locate, compare, review and search for the best educational institutes across the topography of the nation.

Word of mouth is one of the biggest factors in the school analysis and pin pointing process among parents, but on its own it is an insufficient and incomprehensive in more ways than one. Edways provides a platform not just to get word of mouth responses from not only a select few but a larger, wider range of people who can share their personal experiences with any given educational institute.

Thus we not only strengthen and broaden the word of mouth strategy, but also provide other parameters that can comprehensively give a clearer picture of the school to a prospective parent, thus helping them decide better.

Location based searches can help you literally find the best schools NEAR YOU. The web platform also guarantees openness and variety of opinions as everyone including staff, parents already in relation with the school, alumni, current batch of students, luminaries from the educational scene, can all contribute to a school’s profile thus making it more exhaustive and complete.

It also helps analyze demographical horizons for quality and condition of the education scenario. This can not only help parents take more informed decisions but also help the authorities in charge to work towards the betterment of the situation and also to prospective bodies planning to venture into educational domains to explore new horizons and come forth as more of a solution to a situation than merely another option.
Edways has the potential to change the way we search for schools, and how we decide on them as well. Misleading advertisements don’t need to be the misguiding lights anymore. We can have our own guiding light. A place where students, alumni, staff, parents can all collaborate and discuss.

It gives a platform to not just search for options but also to interact with parents with experience who can be of immense help to a younger set of parents going out for a one to one with schools for the first time. Thus alumni and more experienced parents can share their experiences and help show a school for what it really is, in all its glory and shame alike!


Parents are in all fairness the greatest benefactors from the platform. Parents can make more informed choices about their children’s future. A proper schooling is of utmost importance for any child as their future is shaped in these formative years. Every parent aspires to provide the very best for their kids, and edways helps them achieve that and base this extremely important decision on more than just fleeting vague judgments and more on glitz less on substance advertisements.

Parents can finally have a platform to look to when they intend to look to or raise their voice about or against the education scene and with others in similar boats can come in contact and help each other out, thus making the sometimes unfairly pitted parents vs schools situations more manageable for parents.

Parents can also get a taste of the situation inside the school and its regular functioning from other parents and students and not just a well cut out picture of the school in the form of advertisements, thus they can look for not just the schools with heavy names and limited substance.

The alumni have a very interesting stand point in the whole education system. Juniors and prospective parents look upto them for guidance and opinion as they have had a first hand experience with the institution thus making them the best informed judges.

Their opinion can be of immense help to not just the parents but also for schools as they can improve on themselves and learn the opinion of their pass outs about their model of education.
The alumni know their schools for its best and its worst and their unbiased opinion can be of utmost importance to both parents and their schools alike. Alumni associations are set up so that they can contribute to the betterment of their schools and what better way to improve than to truly express and interact with their schools more openly.


Students are more pro-active nowadays. They interact more and are more involved in their educational decisions and ideas from a very young age. They learn to evaluate and compare and they have every right to do so.

Edways provides for them a place to openly share their experiences and also analyze other options if they were to ever need crossovers in their schooling journey.

Students are the ones over whom all this is happening, it is only fair they be a more active and involved part of it, after all it’s their future we that we all want to see brighter, and so do they.


Edways is predominantly about schools in its natural form. Schools are what we are all making so much noise about. Schools with an open mind and schools that are ready to grow and develop with changing times have the most to gain.

Opinions and reviews always help develop better products same goes for an educational structure. With the passage of time, the requisites of a good schooling experience have changed with time and now include more spheres than just good discipline and strong book knowledge.

Dimensions like personality development, health awareness, Social awareness, etc. continue to get added on.

Thus, Edways gives a chance to schools to learn and grow and develop further by picking on some ingenious and innovative idea and by responding to some insightful reviews and suggestions.

School Associations

There are limitations when it comes to what a school can change in terms of educational structures in the region. They are always a small part of the whole, and this is why School Associations come into the picture. They can bring large scale revamps to an obsolete education system.

A School Association can analyze on our platform the needs of the students and those of the parents, and work on better solutions. They can forward their genuine complains and requests to the educational boards and use the platform as substantial backing for the revamp.

The whole is always stronger than it’s parts and now that we intend to review and improve its parts its only logical that the whole, remains very much involved.


In all their post-election agendas, candidate parties always mention better education facilities. But how do you solve an issue you don’t completely understand? A platform that gives you and insight into the wishes and needs of everyone involved all in one place sounds like a solution.

The government’s interaction with schools and educational bodies remains limited on a regular basis and the situation severely worsens when we talk of parent and student government interactions. So how can we expect the government to even know what we need?

Edways can give you a platform to reach out. A platform where it’s not just a one off letter from a distraught parent or a hopeful student, but a stronger more diverse voice discussing its problems and its solutions and voicing it to you.

All the government needs to do is, listen.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Smart education technology solutions, Ajeevi

Ajeevi for smart city solutions provides the technology solution in education sector. Ajeevi technologies, vision of a young entrepreneur was founded in 2012. Ajeevi pursues a mission of social & environmental reform, which will not only ease life of a common man but also save natural resources consumed in everyday activities. Several researches conducted on subject have offered different ways to make planet greener and save natural resources for future generations. This mission will make the cities smarter, while easing the life of the citizens.

A number of solutions in education sector with use of technology have been applied to great results like smartboard, videoconferencing from Skype, teleconferencing and apps. These technologies have proved distance learning as a possibility for schools, students and which allows better collaborations from institutions from around the world. The learning from textbooks and books can be additionally helped with apps and wifi where the student success and behaviors can easily be tracked. The apps could be updated to let teachers share class and student profiles with each other so that educators can communicate effectively. Smart education has made learning and communications between students and educators in effect with the methodology as well as saved time and effort, with much better efficiency than before.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Education in metros today

The education in metros of India has been in a state of innovative changes for many years. The expectations from the system of education and learning methodology have to come up to modern levels. Chennai has been the best city in education system with best quality of classrooms and expenditure on education. Another emergent city for education is Madurai.
The learning and teaching methods could use better equipped technologies which is a point to agreement while it is not so clear when the education system reforms are broken into the sub parts. For one language learning could happen from new schools, and that schools running time should be at least 8 hours. Some believe that metro cities education system timing for institutions must be from 7 am to 7 pm. This way the need for homework and tuition would be done away with. Bio metric attendance system with CCTV camera can bring more accountability to job of educationist. Sanskrit could be made necessary in educational schools and colleges. In co education system there could be problems with 12 hour school, so there is scope for improvement here. The training and learning methodologies could be improved from teachers as they prepare themselves to this sector. Entrance exams could be made compulsory for inducting of teachers as well as for appointments.
The college and school degree system needs better technologies like smart boards and real time developments in learning with teachers. So the onus of the progress of educational standards for best quality as smart education would look treble from better job opportunities and salaries. This is a progressive way to handle the new entrance to the often overlooked educational system. The sector has difficult operational aspects to clarify which cannot but suggest attracting well paying teaching institutes. Under the lens of quality and overdoing quantity of institutes the educational system lags behind the preparedness for forthcoming job skills and employer-employee relations. Sometimes the individual forgets the subjective costs of planned education system provision for students. More than ever the brain drain and subsequent losses at global level of young talent also need to be factored from the emerging chaos behind the capable eyes of the CAG. Over the past few decades the government started on smart education the initiatives are laudable but mostly on paper, the concrete results from landscape of education hierarchy cries for better system, guidance, prolonged support and proper counseling centers.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Deriving value in smart education

            Research into innovative methods of education also called smart education is gaining pace in world's most competitive cities. The aim is to align curriculum, research and city for tech system and services. Progressive higher education links to internet and web based media. In the future people would like to call smart city with technology as critical enabler for solving rising urbanization issues and improve along with the set of priorities. Smart cities which are growing like in Barcelona, Chicago, Amsterdam, Stockholm as well as many in India. The Indian government plans to develop 100 smart cities by 2022, with an economic value of the Digital India initiative estimated to be $600 billion over the next 10 years.
            Value in smart education is built on modernizing education for keeping with the fast changing conditions of global market. Focus is now more on non traditional approach, method and technological solutions for smart city development. Solutions of smart education encourage training and competency in informal learning from information and knowledge sharing.  Also use of multiple choice questions and inculcating learning models like stakeholder to integrated network of students becomes a co creation of educational value for cities. Or put more emphatically a network of universities would create more economic stability by reducing social and political risks.
            Combinations of project learning and on job training for digital skills, and media can be a great new addition to value in smart education. Research has been guiding innovation in mobile technology for sustaining education and skills for developing countries in operations and management. A smart city concept from university downwards to students is like a linkage to community development, reducing complexity of the city ecosystem and urban development with critical view of smart city. Advancing the smart education landscape with better employment conditions for tomorrow's generation is a smart workforce for improving learning, work and life performance together and not in seclusion. This is true value from smart education in the next century. Internet of Things, rich media and big data with smart education includes value of two types – public and economic value. Public value from following technologies and methods which induce or enhance social value added by realizing policy goals, while economic value is from decrease in unemployment, survival of startups, low bankruptcies and increased competitive advantage. These contextual dimensions allow for better understanding and application of smart city concept in education with proper analysis of smart ecosystems.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Better smart education from technology

Smart education uses latest technology for providing best and innovative based learning methodologies. This is must for the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. Learning in school and colleges has become more innovative and integrated with smart education.
The education sector is involved with unconventional teaching methods. Model of education has now shifted to digital technology. Schools and colleges provide their learning which includes devices and making learning engaging and interactive. This also enhances efficiency of modern information systems and builds proficient learning platforms. The smart education and learning market grows from almost $105.23 Billion in 2015 to $446.85 Billion in 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.4%. In terms of regions, North America is expected to be the largest market in terms of market size, while Europe is expected to experience an increase in market traction, during the forecast period.
Assistive and learning systems cause teachers to deliver enhanced education in the classrooms. The constant progression of technology from education at schools and colleges offers educators to construct classrooms, electronic roll calls, and real time online services etc. which are interactive and collaborative permeating exclusively through web services. In these devices Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard with touch detection for user in the same way as normal PC input devices. The online learning is a method of delivering educational information via the internet instead of in a physical classroom. There are many different applications for online learning, ranging in scope from simple downloadable content (like iTunes U) through to structured programs that include assessment and award. Also included with smart education is new concept of Instructional Technology (IT) which is concerned with improving the efficiency of instructions involving designed instruction (including activity from needs assessment to evaluation) to applying learning theory in instructional based designs. On the basis of smart education initiatives the integration of all the devices and learning systems cannot become overall effective in a day and verification of such services needs time, effort and finances. With the help of government and private players entering education sector there is a lot of commerce and correspondence in this regard which would be influential and exhilarating. Innovation in smart education would definitely relay and rely on educational openness or liberal based learning advances by teachers and educational institutions.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Leverage classroom learning with Smart Education

Ajeevi offers school, college cloud based ERP solution. The solution automates the entire school, college process and provides flexibility to parents, school staff to access the school on mobile. This is only the beginning for smart education. The smart education initiative provides a dedicated space for faculty and students for educational technologies. This encourages better exploration of integrated opportunities in learning at schools and colleges.
            This technology for schools and college graduates has expanded rapidly and strategically such that there is a change to enabling smart education in cities and towns all over the world. Some of these technologies are spreading fast like smart projectors – an ultra short throw wall mounted projector with smart technology. Educators can provide digital content which uses smart pens for digital presentations. With a large display and versatile benefit the enclosure replaces a bulky cabinet with lighting coordination and is half the cost of smart board.
            Using sound enhancement with integrated audio and video systems the sound reaches to all in classroom. A wireless integrated system offers educators best flexibility to use learning space, organize and ability to move around. There could be separate sound amplifications and video systems consisting of amplifier, speakers and mics with video outlets using traditional cables and signal extenders. Advantage of simplifying connection between projection and audio system also replaces old A/V cabinet with a much more compact and flexible integrated enclosure.
           The wireless network access is a great new tool for educators in interactive learning. Providing wife connectivity opens up many opportunities for learning and based on this display of content the student can annotate with teacher, work on presentations etc. If budget allows, there is also best way to include a second display in the classroom. This can be another projector or a large-screen LCD unit. The educator could design and build space for offering better diverse connections for them to the projector/audio systems. Through use of including connection ports in two locations in the room (for flexibility of space) and also by providing universal connections to support different new digital or IT products, there is greater capability of educational learning.
With small direct or indirect LED fixtures having dimming capabilities there is better light quality from conserved energy. By simple digital controls, educators can set light conditions on the fly to match the needs of the learning activity. Integrating or uniting all elements for single IP based system is reducing clutter, enabling flexibility and universal content. Smart education is really getting to places in the millennium and reducing costs with enhanced efficiency!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Smart education in cities

            Many friends and schoolmates who used to be there for us are difficult to forget and there is eagerness to know them again. A smart city concept applied to education takes care of meeting tutors, learning, education as also meeting old school or college friends. Online learning from smart city enabling of smart education is becoming more modern with quality improvements.
Modern graduate education in city and town colleges is unlike that of past where the individual used to go to rural or urban educational institutes for higher education. He or she can avail benefits of using online methods of learning and gearing for challenge of competitive exams. In the most recent of such applied concepts, smart city is being envisaged by government of India for almost 100 cities, with 20 cities already scaled by, the organization for Smart City project development in India.  

            Usually, the cities with best smart education like Lucknow, Mumbai, Gandhinagar, Jaipur, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Guwahati are spearheading the concept ahead of other metro cities in the list. With population of 600 mn people, and under age of 25 years with 1.4 mn schools the inclusion of these cities in the list is clearly extraordinary. The worth of smart education to the sector already valued at $ 92.98 bn is more than $ 40 bn by 2017. This concept is set to change the way one takes to education. Graduate and school studies would happen online, migration to e-learning and delivery through computers and mobile devices is already starting.  Making real time information and providing the numerous methods of delivery of smart education this is likely to enhance the development of this new market in a few years. The smart education concept belies the traditional form in so much so that one can only prove to be half modern without it. In terms of like-ability and accessibility there are many issues which would be taken care of as the project develops far into the countryside. In the time elapsed there is need to gather public opinion as many people do not yet know what smart city or smart education is and what it is hoped to achieve. In the blog and links, we showcase the development of smart education in the recent past and the ability of smart project to likely provide modern education system a new identity in graduate schools and colleges.

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