Thursday, 10 March 2016

Deriving value in smart education

            Research into innovative methods of education also called smart education is gaining pace in world's most competitive cities. The aim is to align curriculum, research and city for tech system and services. Progressive higher education links to internet and web based media. In the future people would like to call smart city with technology as critical enabler for solving rising urbanization issues and improve along with the set of priorities. Smart cities which are growing like in Barcelona, Chicago, Amsterdam, Stockholm as well as many in India. The Indian government plans to develop 100 smart cities by 2022, with an economic value of the Digital India initiative estimated to be $600 billion over the next 10 years.
            Value in smart education is built on modernizing education for keeping with the fast changing conditions of global market. Focus is now more on non traditional approach, method and technological solutions for smart city development. Solutions of smart education encourage training and competency in informal learning from information and knowledge sharing.  Also use of multiple choice questions and inculcating learning models like stakeholder to integrated network of students becomes a co creation of educational value for cities. Or put more emphatically a network of universities would create more economic stability by reducing social and political risks.
            Combinations of project learning and on job training for digital skills, and media can be a great new addition to value in smart education. Research has been guiding innovation in mobile technology for sustaining education and skills for developing countries in operations and management. A smart city concept from university downwards to students is like a linkage to community development, reducing complexity of the city ecosystem and urban development with critical view of smart city. Advancing the smart education landscape with better employment conditions for tomorrow's generation is a smart workforce for improving learning, work and life performance together and not in seclusion. This is true value from smart education in the next century. Internet of Things, rich media and big data with smart education includes value of two types – public and economic value. Public value from following technologies and methods which induce or enhance social value added by realizing policy goals, while economic value is from decrease in unemployment, survival of startups, low bankruptcies and increased competitive advantage. These contextual dimensions allow for better understanding and application of smart city concept in education with proper analysis of smart ecosystems.


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