Saturday, 5 March 2016

Smart education in cities

            Many friends and schoolmates who used to be there for us are difficult to forget and there is eagerness to know them again. A smart city concept applied to education takes care of meeting tutors, learning, education as also meeting old school or college friends. Online learning from smart city enabling of smart education is becoming more modern with quality improvements.
Modern graduate education in city and town colleges is unlike that of past where the individual used to go to rural or urban educational institutes for higher education. He or she can avail benefits of using online methods of learning and gearing for challenge of competitive exams. In the most recent of such applied concepts, smart city is being envisaged by government of India for almost 100 cities, with 20 cities already scaled by, the organization for Smart City project development in India.  

            Usually, the cities with best smart education like Lucknow, Mumbai, Gandhinagar, Jaipur, Vijayawada, Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Guwahati are spearheading the concept ahead of other metro cities in the list. With population of 600 mn people, and under age of 25 years with 1.4 mn schools the inclusion of these cities in the list is clearly extraordinary. The worth of smart education to the sector already valued at $ 92.98 bn is more than $ 40 bn by 2017. This concept is set to change the way one takes to education. Graduate and school studies would happen online, migration to e-learning and delivery through computers and mobile devices is already starting.  Making real time information and providing the numerous methods of delivery of smart education this is likely to enhance the development of this new market in a few years. The smart education concept belies the traditional form in so much so that one can only prove to be half modern without it. In terms of like-ability and accessibility there are many issues which would be taken care of as the project develops far into the countryside. In the time elapsed there is need to gather public opinion as many people do not yet know what smart city or smart education is and what it is hoped to achieve. In the blog and links, we showcase the development of smart education in the recent past and the ability of smart project to likely provide modern education system a new identity in graduate schools and colleges.

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